Profound Estonian-Swiss connections and global business experience are part of the daily business of our leadership

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Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland is primarly lead by these dynamic people

Michael Reiss von Filski


Connecting professionals, entrepreneurs and executives between Switzerland and Estonia in order to generate more business.

Mirjam Loertscher

Vice President

More than 20 years of experience in international client service in the area of insurance and marketing. Specialised in trade relations between Switzerland and Nordics with strong interest in digital and technology.

Anu Nef

Executive Member of the Board, Member Relations

Creating possibilities and growth, connecting the right people and making an impact by supporting different interest groups and their businesses both in Estonia and in Switzerland. This is what I am passionate about.

Jekaterina Klestsjonok

Executive Member of the Board

Our goal is to create a platform for business networking opportunities where we can connect Estonian and Swiss entrepreneurs with premium banking services.

Ingmar Mattus

Executive Member of the Board

I have seen both in business and personal life that the Swiss and Estonians cherish similar values in life as both countries are small yet incredibly dynamic, innovative and relationship-focused.

Tessy Antony-de Nassau

Executive Member of the Board

With a diverse background that spans from innovative tech solutions to sustainable development, I am a driven professional passionate about leveraging technology to address societal challenges.

Oleg Shvaikovsky

Advisor to Board and Lead of Estonian Chapter

I truly believe in the huge potential of collaboration between Swiss and Estonian companies and organizations, being a mutually enriching endeavor. Swiss companies could bring invaluable knowledge and expertise to the table.

Matteo Inaudi

Advisor to Board and Lead of Swiss-Romandie Chapter

I'm honoured to leverage my legal background in commercial, banking, and corporate law to facilitate cross-border business opportunities. Beyond the legal realm, my diverse passions allow me to contribute to the cultural and diplomatic landscape.

Dr. Yves B. Partschefeld

Advisor to Board

Based in Switzerland and with close ties to Estonia for over 25 years, I see a significant potential for continued economic and educational exchange between Switzerland and Estonia. Let's benefit from each other!

Mr. Peter Daetwyler

Honorary President

Passion is what drives us. Passion sustains us through time and generations.