Our Mission

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is a platform established by corporate stakeholders with business interests in Estonia and Switzerland, for corporations and executives with similar commercial interests.

We provide a accurate guidance to Estonian and Swiss official and private organizations and interest groups, facilitating business solutions and connections.

ECCS provides possibilities to have in-person meetings with executives, business people and thought-leaders from both Estonia and Switzerland on a regular basis.

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce is organized as a Swiss Association according to Art. 60ff of the Swiss Code of Obligations and is self-funded by members and donors.

As a modern and entrepreneurial organization, ECCS reflects the professional image of Estonia at large as a dynamic and successful e-Nation.

ECCS serves as a commercial and entrepreneurial link between corporations, their executives and business leaders, excelling in various different tri-national commercial areas with the aim to enhance, strengthen and foster business relations, thought leadership and personal ties between Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Estonia. We cooperate closely with all the relevant public and private entities to achieve our chambers goals.